what are the sources to find reliable elder care service?

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You or a loved one in our family requires more care but you don’t know where to look for it.

You hear that hospice or homecare may be the greatest option, but you also know that there are many other possibilities – and you’ve heard tales about all of them.

Is it feasible to locate a reliable in-home caregiver for Elderly care? The great news is…

It is simple, and we will demonstrate how.

In this post, we’ll walk you through how to find senior caregivers and what other senior care alternatives are presently available. Continue reading to find it out!

importance of elder care

A caregiver is described as “a person who provides care for a dependent kid or adult.” Caregiver handles other person’s physical, spiritual, any emotional, physical and practical requirements while still managing their own lives, needs, family, and work.

Senior home care enables seniors to “age in a place that is familiar or is their home.” This implies that if you (or a loved one) select home care, you may age in place, with personnel coming and going as required.

Home care for elders may range from having someone help you with errands to offering medical treatments in your home. These services are provided by in-home carers rather than in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility.

sources to find reliable elder care service?

Here are some ways to go looking for a home caregiver:

Health care agencies are one of the most typical ways to find geriatric care. When you choose an agency, the agency will often provide the “perfect” caregiver for you (or your loved one’s)  requirements.  These Home Health care agencies are governed by state and federal rules, so you may be eligible for financial aid for these services.

Finding home care for elders might also entail using home health care registers, often known as private-duty registries. These registries match families with independent homecare professionals, who do not work for any company.

Another method for finding home care for elders is to seek recommendations from individuals you know or from a reputable organization. This choice provides you with greater freedom and trust than others. However, it places more responsibility in your hands than hiring elder home care through an agency. You might check for elder referrals for home care through:

  • Family and friends
  • Your neighborhood
  • Eldercare Locator from the government

Another way is to use the internet: to find the right homecare services through lead websites or social platforms.

advantages of elderly care at home

Increased independence is the first benefit, because patients whether elderly or youngsters do not want to lose their independence, and this is not the only case.

  • Older folks may refuse to confess, they are struggling where this facility of hiring homecare can help a lot.
  • Safety, Comfort, and Convenience is another reason to add in advantages.
  • Relief for Family Caregivers as someone else is their to take care of minute needs of the individual in need.
  • Avoids Avoidable Hospital Visits, Saves Money, provides High Quality Personalized Care are some other benefits.

advantages of using portea

Home care nursing services accelerates healing and minimizes infection risk and it is less expensive than in-hospital care. Portia’s expert home care also helps to personalize and tailor the patient’s experience along with the other advantages. Moreover, our in-home caregivers are trained to assist patients with ADLs (Activities of daily living).

Social engagement is also essential for staying healthy in later life. Our Home carers also serve as trusted companions for social and routine activities such as reading, strolling, eating, playing games, watching movies, and other activities.

Help with these activities might help people feel less lonely and abandoned; as, these difficulties may induce additional health problems if they stay for longer periods of time. Accompanying patients outdoors for routine chores such as grocery shopping, doctor appointments, and socializing can be beneficial to the patient’s recuperation.

Our  Professional caregivers are trained to handle prescriptions and medicine to ensure that patients receive adequate and appropriate care and medication at the appropriate time. This all results in patients independent recovery which is the basic aim of any patient struggling to do tasks by themselves these can include bathing, eating, moving and more. This is how, Portea helps you at their best to provide homecare.  Our homecare attendants give care to people in need of assistance at the comfort at their home. 


  1. How can I avail Portea’s Home-care service?

You can avail our home care nursing services by contacting us on our website or at our phone number 1800-121-2323 where you will be given help as per your situation.

  1. For how long (duration) can I hire for home health care service from Portea?

Our trained professionals can assist with personal grooming, nutrition, mobility, oral medicine, vitals monitoring, and more. You may hire a caregiver for 12 hours or 24 hours or more, depending on your needs.

  1. What is the cost of hiring home health care services for elderly from Portea

At-home Portea’s basic eldercare plan starts at just Rs.100 per day which is quite affordable as compared to hospitals medical care.

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