• MODEL- DreamStar Duo // Duo ST
  • DIMENSIONS- (D x W x H):200 x 230 x 120 mm (7.8 x 9.0 x 4.7 in) approximately with water chamber
  • WEIGHT- 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) approximately with a water chamber.1.4 kg (3.1 lbs) approximately with cover

Simple and comprehensive 2-level pressure devices for the Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) of non-dependent patients (SAS and Chronic Respiratory Failure)DreamStar Duo ST is designed to help physicians achieve effective patient adaptation and maximum therapy compliance.


  • COPD
  • Sleep apnea
  • Lung disease
  • Chronic Respiratory Failure

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The Dreamstar™ Duo, Dreamstar™ DuoST (and their equivalents in the Evolve configuration) are intended for the non-invasive ventilation of patients weighing over 30 kg (66 lbs), suffering from respiratory failure or Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (SAS), but who are not dependent on ventilatory assistance. These devices can be used at home or in a sleep center.

DreamStar Duo
The FlowSens algorithm automatically adjusts the trigger thresholds and allows the machine to instantly respond to changes in the patient’s ventilatory demand. It also detects and compensates leaks avoiding auto-triggering of the device. The Water Control and Humid Control” features control the humidifier output and minimize condensation in the patient circuit.
DreamStar Duo ST
In addition to the features and functions of DreamStar Duo, DreamStar Duo ST offers the setting of a backup frequency an I / E ratio and rise time. Using the ADAPT screen, the physician can view the treatment parameters in real-time (tidal volume, breathing frequency, average leak, inspiratory time, pressures) and act instantly when settings need changing.

  • Device pressure range: 4 cmH2O to 20 cmH2O in CPAP mode 3 cmH2O to 25 cmH2O in Bilevel mode
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5 cmH2O
  • Increment: 0.5 cmH2O
  • Maximum steady limiting pressure at the patient-side connection aperture in single fault condition: PLSmax = 30 cmH2O
  • Minimum steady limiting pressure at the patient-side connection aperture in single fault condition: PLSmin = 0 cmH2O
  • Ramp duration: 0 to 45 minutes ± 1 minute
  • Accuracy: ± 1 minute
  • Increment: 5 minutes
  • Patient-side connection aperture: Conical connector 22 mm diameter.
  • Lifetime planned for the device: 5 years (8 hours per day)
  • Air intake filter efficiency: Optional high-efficiency filter.Disposable fabric HEPA paper, which is 90%
  • effective for particles > 3 microns.High Density Foam (reusable) and is 90%
  • effective with particles > 20 microns.
    Integrated Humidifier performance.
  • Humidification rate: > 10 mg H2O/l at the maximum setting for a leak flow< 60 l/min
  • Heating time: < 45 minutes
  • Pressure loss as a function of flow: 0.59 cmH2O at 1 l/sec 0.73 cmH2O at 1 l/sec with swivel outlet elbow
  • Compliance of the water chamber : 14.2 ml/kPa (chamber empty)12.2 ml/kPa (chamber full)
  • Maximum service pressure: 25 cmH2O
  • Maximum gas temperature delivered from patient tubing: 43°C (109.4°F)
  • Universal internal electrical power with the detachable electrical power cord (which varies by country).
  • Input voltage (auto-ranging): 100 – 240 VAC (-15%, +10%), at 50 or 60Hz
  • Maximum power consumption: 100VA at maximum setting.*
  • Current consumed at 20cmH2O with a 4mm leak: 130 mA eff. at 230 VAC.
  • DC power supply (13 V) Voltage range allowed: 13V (-20%, +25%).


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