misconceptions about in-home care services

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misconceptions about in-home care services

The in-home care services are often the most misinterpreted of all elderly care options. However, it might still be the ideal alternative for your loved ones. Sadly, people have several myths about this care type. It is because this homecare type is an adaptable solution with various alternatives available for the elderly. It assists seniors who require some hours of company and the ones who need full-time assistance and thorough hospice care. 

Before you dismiss this senior living type, you must comprehend the basics. Here are some myths that need to be debunked straight away. 

misconceptions vs truth

In-home care services are expensive

People often presume that this service type is costly. However, the reality is that it is affordable compared to other senior living forms, majorly since it is based on hourly service. The price of the home care nursing depends on the number of hours that the attendant is required to spend with the elderly. A survey says that around 22 percent of people utilize caregiving services for only 4 hours per week whereas another 20 percent of people utilize them between 4-8 hours per week. The cost is reliant on the type of services the nursing attendant offers. 

In-home care services do not offer the same quality care like medical institutions

Institutions have advantages like full-time care and food services. However, this doesn’t mean that in-home care services do not offer the same service quality. Caregivers, in fact, provide personalized home health care. The elderly will get to stay in their familiar surrounding wherein they have lived their whole life. 

The care level offered relies on the senior’s needs. Some might need help with day-to-day activities like laundry, cleaning, cooking, and getting groceries. Others may require intensive care like grooming help or nursing home visits. Regardless of the care level that the elderly need, you will be able to locate a caregiver who can offer it at your home. 

In-home care services are nothing but the same

Home caregiving services are not the same. Ideally, the services can be categorized into 3 categories – agency employees, independent caregivers, and independent contractors. Agencies employ caregivers following a thorough screening. The agency employees are insured, bonded and well-trained. You have to pay the in-home care agency, and not the caregiver. The agency’s role here is to take care of employment duties and performance issues of their member of staff.

The independent contractor is employed by a registry. These caregivers are completely screened and properly trained. The registry will not bear any responsibility. They will just refer caregivers to the elderly. Thus, the elderly or the person who hires the contractor will take on the employer role. They are accountable for employing, scheduling, and performance concerns. Independent caregiver is accountable for promoting themselves. The elderly will be accountable for screening the caregiver to observe whether they have appropriate training and experience. Of the three alternatives, an agency employee is often a great choice. The employment process is simpler, and you do not have to assume most responsibilities since you are not the actual employer here. Moreover, agencies offer additional support, training and regular education for the employees.  

In-home care services are for sick seniors only

Usually, in-home care services were offered to people who were sick or recuperating from surgical procedures or severe injuries. But, in-home care services generally offer two care types;

  • Medical home care: A certified health aide provides this care type. The elderly with drug prescriptions and the ones that need medical services like speech therapy, physical therapy, pain management and mobility training require this care type. 
  • Non-medical home care: Skilled caregivers offer this care type. It incorporates daily activities like house chores and shopping and offering companionship to the senior.

In-home care services are not ideal for long-term needs

People perceive in-home care services as a brief solution prior to seeking a ‘permanent’ solution like a nursing home. However, if you can find the appropriate attendant or caregiver team, then you can easily turn in-home care into a permanent solution. The major reason people think this is a temporary solution is owing to medical care. You need to bear in mind that caregivers are skilled health experts eligible to offer home medical care. 

You don’t require in-home care services if you have a family

The majority of people find it rewarding to take care of the elderly in their family. But, it is physically and emotionally overwhelming too. Thus, you might still want to consider employing a home health aide. Employing caregivers doesn’t denote that you just stop caring for the elderly person. It only offers you time to take a breather. If you overdo things when you take care of a senior, you may overwhelm yourself to a degree where you begin to dislike them.


You might collect information about home care assistance prior to determining whether it is suitable for you. Here, the most significant thing that you need to keep in mind is that you do not turn down the chance of offering personalized home care for the elderly based on the myths that you might have heard about in-home care services. 

The services offered by Portea home care nursing are offered by registered nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists amongst others. So, you need not be concerned about the service quality at all. Their nursing attendants can look after all the day-to-day activities of your loved ones and offer supportive care. 

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