myths about long term care services at home

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myths about long term care services

If you require long-term care because you can no longer manage your everyday tasks independently, you can contact a reliable and experienced long term home care service provider. Long-term care can be delivered in a variety of different ways.

Mostly the long-term home health care is not just limited to medical treatment, but instead help with basic human requirements and everyday chores. If you require assistance with multiple everyday activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, bathroom visits, etc., you are generally considered to have long-term care.

Long-term care is typically initially provided by family members, but when a disease worsens, it may become necessary to pay for the services.

common misconceptions about long-term care services

Myth #1— Only the Elderly Needs Long-Term Care

Long-term care may be required at any point in a person’s life. Although older people are more likely to need long-term care than younger ones, younger people may need it at any moment due to serious unanticipated diseases, illnesses, accidents, or injuries.

Myth #2— A Health or Disability Insurance Plan Will Cover Long Term Health Care

In reality, a lot of people mistakenly think that their long-term care will be covered by other health insurance. Other insurance, such as your HMO, health, or long-term disability insurance, does not cover long term care. Everyday personal care is often only covered by long-term care insurance that you buy at your own expense.

Myth #3— Long Term Care Is Simple and Stress-Free

Like any other specialty of nursing, long-term care entails its unique demands or challenges. The work involves a lot of care coordination, with nurses serving as the go-betweens for many professionals, including nutritionists, therapists, doctors, and the family, along with numerous possibilities for providing bedside care.

However, home health care assistants do their best to help the patients. 

Myth #4— Long Term Care Is a Lesser Form of Nursing

Simply said, this is untrue. In actuality, employees frequently have advanced training in multiple specialties. Infection control, G-tube feeding, IV antibiotic therapy, catheters, oxygen therapy, patient-controlled analgesia pumps, suctioning, wound care, subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, and stroke certifications are all areas in which Portea’s caregivers are well-versed.

Myth #5— There’s a Difference Between Institution/Hospital Care and Home Health Care Services

Benefits offered by institutions include 24-hour care and feeding services. However, this does not imply that in-home carers do not offer services of the same calibre. In reality, carers provide more patient-centred care. Additionally, the senior or patient stays in the same comfortable setting that they have called home for many years.

The amount of care given depends on the patient’s requirements. Some people require assistance with simple everyday tasks like cooking, bathing, managing laundry, and getting groceries. While some people need inpatient care, others need more intense care, such as assistance with grooming. You can choose a caregiver capable of providing your loved one with any amount of care they require at home.

Myth #6— Long-Term Requirements Are Not Met

Institutional amenities include round-the-clock care and feeding services. This doesn’t, though, indicate that services provided by in-home caregivers are of different quality and standard. Rather, caregivers focus more on the needs of the patient. The senior or patient also remains in the same cosy environment that they’ve long called home.

The patient’s needs determine how much care is provided. Some people need assistance with routine daily activities including cooking, taking a shower, doing laundry, and going shopping. Some patients require inpatient treatment, but others require more intensive care, such as help with hygiene and cleanliness. You can hire a caretaker who can offer your loved one any level of care they need at home.

the truth about long term in-home care 

Long-term care facilities can be difficult places to work. The difficulties of running, overseeing, or serving at these facilities are frequently made more difficult by public criticism.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of how hospitable these areas can be.

Most baby boomers, according to a recent study, wish to receive the future care they’ll require at home. Who can judge them, given the widespread prejudices around long-term care?

The trust of newcomers must be earned over time and with consistent effort. The same is true for people who entrust you with taking care of their loved ones. Fortunately, there are strategies for dispelling assumptions. To begin with, keep in mind that a top-notch long-term care facility is a location residents can genuinely refer to as “home”.

portea offers affordable long term home care services

Even if there continue to be social and cultural preconceptions, it is crucial to understand the incredible long term care benefits. Many of the exceptional nurses working in nursing facilities, assisted living care, rehabilitation services, or nursing homes have quick professional development, reliability, and fulfilling relationships.

Our goal at Portea is to enable patients and seniors to live freely and with respect in their own homes by assisting them in leading an active and meaningful lifestyle, engaging them in their communities, and fostering deep connections.

Our professionals will help your loved ones in creating and implementing a specific care plan for the patient to help them have a greater standard of living on a mental, physical, behavioral, and emotional level. Our home care nurses are specially trained, certified, and trusted for aging and long term care services. 

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