early signs of brain haemorrhage

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early signs of brain haemorrhage

You must have heard about the medical term ‘brain haemorrhage’, but do you know what exactly it means? If not, then we are here to let you know that a brain haemorrhage is bleeding in the brain. 

Brain haemorrhage is a kind of stroke that occurs for several reasons in the human brain, like hypertension or high blood pressure, dilated blood vessels, traumatic situations, drug abuse, or others. 

People who are suffering from brain haemorrhage suffer from toughness or stiffness in their bodies as one area or one part of their brain pauses functioning. 

This might lead to complications such as difficulty in speaking, numbness in the body, problems in performing usual activities, and difficulty in walking as it may also lead to falling and some other uncommon symptoms might also occur. However, the main reason for brain haemorrhage is mainly due to bleeding in the brain. 

signs of brain haemorrhage

There are a variety of signs or symptoms associated with a brain haemorrhage. A person suffering from a brain haemorrhage might suffer from any of the below-mentioned symptoms. It can be mild at first, but moving ahead, it may go worse with time. 

let’s have a look at some of the most common signs of brain haemorrhage below:

Lethargic body or reduced alertness

There are some situations or times when a person feels more lethargic than usual. But every time, this is not a sign of brain haemorrhage. This creates a dilemma in people as they may confuse lethargicness with normalcy. But if this persists for longer than the usual period, then you should get this tested before it worsens. 

Severe Headache

Well, a headache is a common problem for many people. Most of them complain about headaches regularly. But what if this headache means something else? The brain haemorrhage symptoms are quite familiar to those of normal disease. If you are facing such symptoms regularly, you should get them tested to be on the safe side. 

Tingling or numbness

People usually suffer numbness many times when they keep sitting in the same place for a longer duration. This numbness also causes tingling as there is reduced blood flow to the nerves of the human body. This is also one of the main symptoms of brain haemorrhage which you should not neglect but cure. 

Loss of consciousness

Many people lose consciousness after a certain time. Isn’t this a wonder-some situation? Yes, it is. Losing consciousness is something very serious and this must be discussed with the doctor before it is too late. 

These are some of the signs of brain bleed.

causes of brain haemorrhage

Every blood vessel in the human body can bleed, but blood vessels that are present in the brain do not bleed. If it bleeds, it is an unlikely situation and can be the cause of brain haemorrhage.

Let’s have a read at some more brain haemorrhage causes below:

Head Trauma

If someone who is less than 50 years old suffers a head injury, then this can be the biggest cause of brain haemorrhage. 

Amyloid Angiopathy

Amyloid Angiopathy is a condition that mainly occurs with aging and due to high blood pressure. In such cases, there might be fewer or minute blood vessels at first, but gradually it might increase to multiple large vessels. 

Abnormalities of blood vessel

At the time of birth, a baby might develop a defect or weakness in the blood vessels in and around the brain. There are chances that these blood vessels might be diagnosed only if the symptoms develop. 


This is a very serious situation as it is a weakening in a blood vessel wall and, if it swells, it can burst and can bleed in the brain itself. This can even lead to a stroke. 

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a very common condition that occurs in 80% of the population today. If this persists for a longer time in the human body, it weakens the blood vessel walls, and hence this can further lead to brain haemorrhage. 

get recover faster

Yes, recovery from the condition of brain haemorrhage is possible. For this, you need to consult the best experts who have the apt knowledge and expertise to treat it. You can also approach the experts at Portea. Here, you will get the best treatment for this condition, and hence, this will never occur again to you in the future. 

The success of the treatment of brain haemorrhage depends completely upon how the patient responds to the treatment. Some patients respond completely to the treatment, and others do not. Furthermore, some possible complications in the form of stroke, loss of brain functioning, medication side effects, and seizures might also occur. 

However, there are some ultimate ways through which you can safeguard yourself from this severe disease, such as:

  • Quit smoking, 
  • Avoid drugs such as cocaine as it might cause bleeding in the brain, 
  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure, get this treated. 

Get in touch with the experts at Portea for a more detailed view of a brain haemorrhage. The experts at Portea would heal you from this deadly brain haemorrhage.

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