Shama Sunder

Counsellor Mary Fathima’s explanation is excellent and the information shared is very useful, as most people do not know the test procedure (i.e. test timings and the difference) of the FBS, PPBS and RBS tests even though they are literate. I was also doing my FBS test at incorrect timings and didn’t know the difference between PPBS and RBS.” The inputs shared were very useful in helping me manage by diabetes better.

Mrs. Manisha

“I am really grateful to my Health Coach. She ensured all my questions were answered and played a crucial role in my smooth delivery”

Mrs. Manvita

“Very effective and great service. Got to know the importance of Diet in controlling BGL”

Mrs. Shobana

“Hearty thanks to Team Portea! Their team of nutritionists and coaches are very caring and knowledgeable”

Mrs. Deepa

“Portea’s Diabetes Management Program is very helpful and gives you great advice. Highly recommend for anyone suffering from diabetes”

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