Patient Testimonials for Elder-Care


Hema Vishwanath

I had availed Care Plan  for my grandmother Mrs. Muthu Lakshmi and wanted to place on record my deep appreciation for health manager, Jennifer’s  commitment and responsiveness in my grandmother’s case over the past several months. She has always been available and ready to help with all my queries and concerns, and having her there has been invaluable!
Even as my grandmother moved to Bangalore from Gurugram, she helped me co-ordinate a physiotherapist. Having her on “my side” has been superb!!

Thanks again and all the best


Ramanan Raghavan


I availed Care Plan Annual Subscription for my father and want to convey my sincere appreciation for the seamless way in which Hema has taken over from as Mrs. Aishwarya as the Health Manager over the past few months.  She has been extremely professional and empathetic from Day 1.
We have had no disruption to the care for my father Shri. L. Raghavan.  The doctor visits have happened as per normal and our new request for Physiotherapist has also been very nicely managed.  Thank you for all your help and support.
Thanks also to Portea for having superior processes in place to handle these transitions smoothly.  My association is now several years old and I see no reason to switch.


Geeta Baliga


I booked a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment from Portea and was very happy with the service provided by Dr.Shashikant and Health Managers-Jayam Samlin and Mereena Jose who visited me. The team was very cooperative and followed up with me well.