M. J. AgaMumbai

It was through Health Manager Saba over 2 years back, that I first came to know about Portea. Saba has been extremely courteous & helpful to me & my wife .
Through her we both have availed Portea services like physiotherapy, Doctor visits, ECG at our home. She has been our one-window approach to Portea ever since.
I think Portea is fortunate in having Saba as one of their Health Managers. I hope she will continue to help us by arranging for a good General Physician, in our area, to visit us in emergencies. We both are too old to go to Doctors’ Dispensaries. We are willing to pay for their visits. Thank you


I would like to convey my appreciation for the commitment and dedication that Health Manager Hema has towards my family. I am glad to say that I feel quite relaxed when it comes to my father’s Health as she serves as a single point of contact for any of our requirements.
I would also like to Thank Portea for giving such a good experience by providing timely services through Health Manager Hema.

Rohit NayakBangalore

I availed Portea Care Plan service for my mother and Health Manager Saba has come to be the reliable, single constant over the last 30 months or so that my mother has been in the hands of Portea. She has been “always there”, no matter the time, no matter the topic and moreover addresses all topics in a timely manner. In some ways, she is more than a facilitator, and has been caring and attentive to my mother’s needs. She has also taken the time and effort to visit my mother from time to time and is caring and attentive. Her “always on” and caring orientation has been reassuring and my mother and I look forward to continuing that partnership for the coming years.

Jaideep MitraBangalore

I availed Care Plan Pacakage for my wife Soumba Mitra. Service Quality from portea is superb in one word. Every time we have got the required nurses (for baby & mother care) right on time & within very short notice in some cases. All the nurses are well trained & properly groomed. And it is people like Health Manager Aamir Hussain who makes it happen from Portea. I have contacted him late at nights (a few times) to get a nurse for the next day, and somehow he has made it happen. He is always there for any need/feedback/clarification for the customer.
Looking forward for a continued support in the future from portea.


I availed Portea Care Plan service for my father and since then have engaged with Portea and Health Manager Samlin for my father’s case. I found her very proactive, quickly acting on my requests, coordinating with other internal and external teams and following up on my dads health.
I thank Samlin for her help and support during this very difficult time for us.
On the whole, I found the range and services that Portea provided to be very useful.

Dominic Bablu Bangalore

I have availed Portea Elder care service and would like appreciate Health Manager Jennifer for her honesty and dedication towards the work she has done for me and our famil. We feel relaxed when it comes to medical follow up for me and my family as a single point of contact as well as for being available for us all the time when the need arises. Thank you.
I have also recommended Portea services to many of our family members.

Zaka Nasir ShaikhKolkata

I have availed Portea Elder care service and would like to sincerely thank Health Manager Saba for being a single point of contact as it has made my life easier and simpler on arranging my appointments on time as required and Portea for giving such a good service.
Saba is doing a great job and I have never felt the need to call anybody else for any services as she is always available on call even at an odd time. I would like to appreciate her for your prompt service as well as  for ensuring to arrange quality service with customer satisfaction

Mr T Sriram

Patient was very happy with the Team (Dr.Shashikant and Health Managers-Jayam Samlin,Mereena Jose) who visited for the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.He also thanked the team for good cooperation and follow up.

Sucheta GovilDelhi

My husband and I used to worry a lot, especially as we lived abroad, about my father in law who lived in Delhi and was suffering from Alzheimer’s which also put tremendous pressure on my mother in law as the primary carer. Portea, Meena, Yogesh and the team stepped in to provide invaluable day and night care. The attendants Ram and Akash were extrenely loving and caring and this made the situation so bearable. If anyone requires Portea’s help for elder care, I would highly recommend them and am extremely grateful to the entire team.

Hema Vishwanath

I had availed Care Plan  for my grandmother Mrs. Muthu Lakshmi and wanted to place on record my deep appreciation for health manager, Jennifer’s  commitment and responsiveness in my grandmother’s case over the past several months. She has always been available and ready to help with all my queries and concerns, and having her there has been invaluable!
Even as my grandmother moved to Bangalore from Gurugram, she helped me co-ordinate a physiotherapist. Having her on “my side” has been superb!!

Thanks again and all the best

Ramanan RaghavanChennai

I availed Care Plan Annual Subscription for my father and want to convey my sincere appreciation for the seamless way in which Hema has taken over from as Mrs. Aishwarya as the Health Manager over the past few months.  She has been extremely professional and empathetic from Day 1.
We have had no disruption to the care for my father Shri. L. Raghavan.  The doctor visits have happened as per normal and our new request for Physiotherapist has also been very nicely managed.  Thank you for all your help and support.
Thanks also to Portea for having superior processes in place to handle these transitions smoothly.  My association is now several years old and I see no reason to switch.

Geeta BaligaBangalore
I booked a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment from Portea and was very happy with the service provided by Dr.Shashikant and Health Managers-Jayam Samlin and Mereena Jose who visited me. The team was very cooperative and followed up with me well.
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