common difference between medical and non-medical caregiving at home you should know

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difference between medical and non-medical caregiving at home

Understanding the quality of treatment and services you will require when you or a beloved one requires care might be difficult at first. And while home healthcare nursing and medical in home care can be an essential component of any strategy for home care, they are not always required.

In order to ensure freedom, safety, and happiness, the best strategy must be developed and managed for home care. This may consist of only non-medical home assistance to help with daily tasks, only medical activities carried out by a home nurse, or a combination of the two.

There are several options available to help seniors age in place, so they can get the support they need. But, a significant number of people are confused about the distinctions between services, specifically when it comes to in-home care that is medically related or not. Both offer assistance around the house, but for quite different reasons.

So, let’s explore it.

difference between medical and non-medical caregiving

Home Medical Health Care

The services are provided by a nurse, non medical home health aide, certified nursing assistant, licensed vocational nurse, or doctor and are prescribed by a doctor and provided at home. 

Caring for patients on ventilators, administering injections, IV infusions, looking after tracheotomized patients, and educating them about diabetes management.

  • administer medication
  • infection control education
  • proper pain management
  • strong and durable medical supplies
  • teaching about managing medications
  • wound care

Non-Medical Home Care

Non-medical home care is long-term assistance given to a client without the use of healthcare or nursing services. Rather, home care is intended to enable older people to get the support they need for many different physical and lifestyle requirements from the convenience and security of their own homes.

Non medical elderly companion care is customizable and adjustable, allowing you or an elderly loved one to get support on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis with a wide range of requirements. Seniors or adults who are chronically ill or bedridden can benefit from non-medical home care assistance for:

  • basic cleaning
  • doctor visits
  • getting ready and grooming
  • laundry
  • moving in and out of bed, standing, sitting, and walking
  • playing games, having meals together, creating art projects, and having enjoyable conversations are all examples of companionship.
  • providing transportation to perform daily chores, go to appointments, or go on social functions
  • shopping, food preparation, and serving healthy meals
  • using the restroom and taking a bath

when to consider non-medical home care or medical home care?

An elderly person will eventually require both non-medical as well as medical healthcare services. The older adult and the licensed medical practitioner very rarely interact, and the interaction is brief. 

As an example, a senior citizen recovering at home from major surgery will be seeing a caretaker and a qualified medical expert until their health has stabilized. Once the patient exhibits improvement, the family may decide to continue the caregiver, even if just part-time, for extra services.

non-medical or medical homecare— which type of care is best?

In conclusion, non-medical home care is for people who merely require help with their everyday living tasks and do not require medical attention at home, whereas medical home health care is for those who have special healthcare problems and necessitate the assistance of trained healthcare experts. 

The greatest kind of care for a particular person will rely totally on their personal requirements, regardless of whether they are medically related. The two forms of care can occasionally be mixed and strengthened by one another.

The requirement for care might evolve with time; for instance, a chronic illness may worsen to the point that a person is no longer capable of managing it by themselves and requires additional medical attention right away at home. In fact, someone undergoing surgery might need medical health care for a short while to help with wounds but may also require non-medical care for a longer time to help with basic care and housework as they recover.

Always consult your family doctor or another healthcare expert if you’re confused about the best kind of treatment to receive. They can give you advice on the level of assistance and attention that is most appropriate for you.

portea offers top-notch medical as well as non-medical caregiving services

For the elderly in your life, Portea offers a wide range of medical and non-medical services. We can assist with anything from simple housekeeping or food preparation to full-service care.

Call us right away to schedule a free in-home consultation for at home medical care for seniors. This will give us the chance to assess the patient’s or senior’s home for safety hazards, consult with you and the senior, and develop an individually personalized care plan that caters to your senior’s special requirements.

Portea is among one of the best skilled home health agencies offering top-notch caregiving services for all healthcare needs and situations. 

We aim to deliver the most individualized care because we know that every senior is unique and that the amount of care they require varies as well.

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