importance of physical and mental health in elderly

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physical and mental well being of elders

Most elderly people experience a hard time with physical and mental well-being day by day in their normal life. 


There are several reasons for it. Either people are not treating them appropriately or they have been facing constant neglect and bad behaviors in their life. These might be some reasons for the bad physical and especially mental well-being of elders.

There are ample challenges that arise for people of old age. First, they constantly suffer from elderly health issues and the next is that they keep on losing their social connections which for sure would be hampering mental health of elderly. 

But what’s the solution to it? Can we overcome such tough situations for our elder friends?

Of course, we can. But for that, you need to be sensitive towards them and help them with the required level of care which they crave for. 

why is physical and mental health important in the elderly?

Aging is one of the natural realities which every living being has to face one or the other day. As we grow old, both our mental as well as our physical health fades away and slowly and gradually we move towards the path of psychological problems in old age. 

Young people tend to treat old people, not with so much grace and this is disheartening to see. Although ageism is a natural process this depends from person to person. Some people start turning old early and some of them at a later age. 

Although many aged people are fortunate enough to receive that much-needed care and affection from their children at their most tough age. But not everyone receives it and that is why they start living in old age homes. 

why do some aged people catch depression?

Well, many aged people suffer from depression. There are ample reasons for it. Either they are taking medications that turn them to this condition or they are not being loved by their children and the pain of it has made them prone to depression. 

Depression is a very hazardous condition and if not treated timely, it can go worse and, in some cases, it may become life-threatening as well. Depression is closely linked with mental health disorders which debilitate the normal life of people. 

However, the condition of depression is not age-specific and hence people of any age, or gender can be caught with this disorder. The very dangerous thing about depression is that in several cases, it remains undiagnosed and untreated. This leads to complications at a later stage. 

Some of the instances of depression are: dealing with the unpleasantness of old age, fear of loosening of loved ones, financial insecurity, hypertension, stress, diabetes, and more. 

As physical and mental health are closely interlinked, it’s important to address the growing symptoms of depression so that it does not become life-threatening later. 

Healthy eating tips to combat problems related to the physical and mental well-being of elders!

Intake of plenty of healthy fats

Many people think that fats are not healthy for the human body as they can make the body lethargic and the consumption of unnecessary fats can even cause excessive body weight. But is this true? No. Some amounts of healthy fats are required by the human body as it helps in good functioning and supports brain functioning. Some examples of healthy fats are coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, and more. 

Eat healthily

Aged people must consume healthy snacks when they are feeling hungry. Nuts, boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, edamame, and more are good for aged people. These healthy things would give them energy and combat various diseases. 

Do not eat while in front of the television

Eating when you are feeling hungry is a good habit but overeating is not. When people eat by sitting in front of the television, they tend to consume more than normal which in turn causes them obesity later. 

what is the best exercise for mental and physical well-being?

When it comes to exercising, many physical benefits are documented. It not just improves and enhances your physical appearance but also helps to lower blood pressure, which is very necessary for aged people. 

Let’s pour some spotlight on the ultimate exercises for mental and physical well-being below:


Who says that running can only be done by young and fit people? If you ever have heard this, you’ve heard wrong. Running can be done by aged people as well. It keeps their motivation level high and at the same time, it is more effective than consuming antidepressants, as per some health experts. 


The popularity of Yoga is not hidden from any. This is one of the best therapies to heal mental and physical wellness. Regularly performing yoga asanas not just create better mental health but also integrates the body, mind, and soul. Yoga works deeply to extract the impurities from your body and make your heart pure and rejuvenating. A well-certified mental health nurse can help senior citizens stay calm and healthy by doing the suitable physical activity and yoga. 

ways to keep mental and physical health of elderly

Play mind games

Aged people love to indulge in activities that excite them. For a while, leave everything aside, no phones, no newspapers, no television but just mind games. This would influence their mental health for the better. Playing mind games would instigate them to think out of the box and hence they would keep everything aside and start thinking about solving the game riddle. 


How many of you have seen aged people volunteering in different activities around them? We are sure, you must have gone through many. Have you ever thought about why they have been doing so? The answer to this is that they want to keep themselves busy. Volunteering is one of the best ways through which they keep themselves engaged and happy in different activities. 

how does portea help?

If anyone in your family or known person is suffering from mental or physical health issues in their old age, then it’s better to seek professional help. Portea has treated thousands of mental and physical health patients and has been successful till age. Portea helps families by organizing therapy sessions with the sole purpose to treat elderly people. 

These therapy sessions not just help against coping with grief, post-retirement stress, depression, loneliness, anxiety, and negative thoughts but also helps the ones who stay away from their children. Portea has taken a good initiative against mental health awareness for elderly. 

If you are looking for an elder caregiver, Portea can help with the best home healthcare services for your near and dear ones at affordable prices. 

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