What is Nursing Attendant Services?

Portea is one of the market leaders in terms of providing world-class trained nursing attendant services at home. We offer a range of activities and support that you wish to avail for elders & ill patients. We provide assistance in terms of health care, personal care, mobilization etc services at home, while also considering about your independence.

A brief look into Trained Attendant services

Personal Care:

Our trained nursing attendants will ensure that the patient has utmost hygiene. They will ensure great hygiene for the patient by helping with all the day to day tasks, such as bathing and showering, foot care, dental care, hair care, dressing and even nail care. With such intense care, the patient feels comfortable and their healing process quickens.

Mobilization of patients:

At Portea, we understand the challenges patients experience in their day to day lives, when they are bedridden or wheelchair-bound. Our trained nursing care aide help aid in the mobilization of the patients by moving their wheelchair around, changing their position on the bed and helping them with their diaper change (if required). Our staff in Delhi/NCR also helps the patients in terms of support for walking and making sure the patient remains in a safe and comfortable space.

Personalized health monitoring

The best part about choosing Portea is the fact that we monitor all aspects of patient health. When we start working with a patient, we get a complete medical history of the patient and formulate a plan to monitor their health depending on their case. Once, we generate a medical plan, we monitor the patient according to it, thus making sure the patient has a personalized health monitoring.

How Portea for Trained Nursing Attendants Services?

We deliver high-quality services through our trained staff. We hire them through from the National Skills Development Council (NSDC) partners, which ensures that the staff is well-trained. Our recruitment process has various levels that include written tests, personal interviews and skill assessment tests.

After hiring, we give in-depth training to our staff. Our extensive training programs include visual aids, role plays, hands-on patient care and hospital visits.

We at Portea ensure that everyone has the best experience with us. So, to ensure that our patients are comfortable with our staff, our relationship officer makes regular home visits.

So, if you are looking for an amazing caregiver for as less as for 30 minutes or for a long duration, Portea is here in Delhi/NCR to help.