What is Trained Nursing Attendants Services?

Portea is a team of exceptionally well-trained nursing attendants who will accompany you through the inevitable tough time that comes with an illness and old age. We provide a range of services with customizable plans, suitable to your needs.

Nursing Attendants Services Include -

Personal Care

Our trained nursing care aides will assist you in every basic task of the day – be it bathing or dressing up after wards, along with foot care, dental care, hair care, and nail care. The idea is to make the recovery as painless as possible with companionship.

Health Monitoring

Processes like injections, steam inhalation and nebulization are duly assisted in. Patients Care attendants provide support in all sorts of health monitoring, as per the requirement of the patient. Whatever we do has a focus on helping you regain health and well-being.

Feeding Help

Trained Attendants help with everything involving the feeding of the patient – right from heating and serving the food, through Ryles tube feeding, to the clean up after the meal. Nurses can also cut up fruits and make soups for the patient.

Tidy up the Patient’s Space

We believe in cleanliness. We also believe that cleanliness is a vital prerequisite on a healthy road to recovery. Hence, we take it upon ourselves to keep the patient’s space spick and span, allowing for a fresh ambience.

Mobilization Assistance

Nurses will move the wheelchair around and change the position of the bedridden ones to allow better comfort.

Exercise support

A patient’s efforts towards better health are not just appreciated, but encouraged. We offer our sincere support and help the patient with motion exercises.

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Why Portea for Nursing Attendants Services in Hyderabad?

Our private home caregiver use role plays in real time, visual aids to orchestrate a better understanding, along with hands-on patient care. We conduct regular appraisals to help the nurses in addition to scheduled supervision from the doctors in Hyderabad.
The first step is to provide the suitable nurse/caregiver to the patient. However, we will follow it up with regular checkups to ensure the chosen nurse is truly the right choice for the patient.
We hire the Nurses from the National Skills Development Council (NSDC) only. And we screen them through with a series of Written Tests -> Interviews -> Skill Tests.

Portea is a team of skilled trained nursing attendants who always advocate on your behalf to achieve the best possible health. Call us now if you are looking for caretakers nearby in Hyderabad.