Portea is a pioneer in home health care. We provide trained nursing attendants to you who will assist you in a myriad of activities to go through the day and enjoy a fast and seamless recovery. We provide medical services, equipment and general companionship, providing complete elderly assistance at home.

Nursing Attendants Services Include -

Monitoring health

Monitoring the health of the patient is now made easier. Leave it to us to prepare a complete and comprehensive plan to administer the health of the patient with needed procedure and tests at the right time.

Mobilization Assistance

Assistance in mobilization will be provided to both bedridden and the wheelchair-bound. The nurses can move the wheelchair around and change positions of the bedridden.

Personal Care

The trained nursing attendants provide help aid to the patient in everyday tasks like bathing and dressing up afterwards or otherwise. They will also help in nail care, foot care, hair care and dental care.

Clean the patient’s space

We give utmost preference to cleanliness and its positive impacts on the patient’s health. Hence, we will clean up and organize the patient’s space the best we can.

Exercise support

All assistance for the purpose of exercising is provided by our nursing attendants. However, it is important to know just how much one can exert their bodies. For this, we recommend you consult our physiotherapist regarding it.


Our private home caregiver will cut up fruit and heat up the food for the patient. They will serve and clean up after the meal as well. Tube feeding is also provided.

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Why choose Portea Nursing Attendants?

Hiring Process
We take pride in our team that comprises of the most efficient nurses. This is why we hire from the National Skills Development Council (NSDC). Our recruitment process is Written Tests -> Interviews -> Skill Tests – so that we get only the best.
After recruitment, the next step is training them to perfection. We use techniques like role plays, real-time patient care and visual aids – to name a few. This is backed by constant supervision by in charge doctors.
Portea takes effort in assigning the best caregiver to each and every case. And we follow it up by tracking the progress at all times to make needed changes as soon as possible.

With a team of dedicated nurses and staff striving to provide you with superior quality care, we aim to provide health services at home for a speedy and better recovery which is in accordance with the medical standards and protocol. Call us now if you are looking for caretakers nearby in Indore.