What is Nursing Attendants Services?

Nursing Attendants Services help elders and ill family members to take care of there day to day activities independently. Portea’s trained attendants provide range of services like personal care, mobilization of patients, health monitoring, feeding and more.

Trained Nursing Attendants Include -

Hygiene to healing:

Portea believes in the philosophy of clean environment, and so we ensure that our patients have the best hygiene ever. Our staff ensures that the patients are always clean and their environment too.

Feeding the patient:

Our caregivers can feed their patients in a variety of settings. Our staff can even heat the food and serve it to you, and clean up afterwards, too.

Exercise Support:

Our trained nursing attendants are given basic training to provide a range of motion exercises to their patients. However, if you want to opt for complete physiotherapy, you can avail those services from Portea.

Mobilization Support

The biggest challenge for the wheelchair-bound or bedridden patient is mobilization problem. If you are looking for someone who can help them with this challenge, we are here to help aid. At Portea we have highly trained staff, who is expert in providing world-class care to the patients. They help move a patient from bed to a wheelchair and help change the position of the bedridden patients.

Personal Care:

Our staff takes care of all the personalized and companionship needs of the patients, such as bathing and showering, foot care, dental care, hair care, dressing and nail care. You can ask for other services, and if possible, we will happily get it done for you. Our trained professionals can also change the diapers of the patients, if required.

Health Monitoring

Our trained nursing attendants are capable of providing personalized health monitoring to their patients. They are trained to provide nebulization & steam inhalation services to the patients, administer oral medication to patients under the guidance of the family members and provide vital checks when required.

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What makes Portea Services different?

Smart hiring process:
Our trained nursing attendants are highly trained professionals. We recruit them through the National Skills Development Council (NSDC). Doing this ensures that the attendants are trained well. Our recruitment process has various stages to it, these stages include written tests, personal interviews and skill assessment tests.

Skill Development Training
After recruiting the staff, we provide hands-on training to them. These training programs include visual aids, role plays, hands-on patient care and hospital visits.

Effective Supervision

The best part about Portea is that we have a relationship officer dedicated solely to ensure that the patients have a great time with our service partners. The relationship officer regularly visits the patient’s house to ensure that everything is perfect.

How can we help?
Our fleet of trained nursing attendants is certified and professional. They provide all kinds of basic, post-surgical, and healing care for patients of all kinds of problems, providing wholesome companionship. They are fully trained in all areas as a caregiver and fully understand a wide range of procedures. Get highly personalized care at your doorstep, anytime, every time. Call us now if you are looking for caretakers nearby in Jaipur.