What is Trained Nursing Attendants Services?

We are providers of the most efficient private home caregiver who will take the best care of your loved ones in the comfort of your home. You can customize your plan according to your needs. The trained nursing attendants assist in a wide variety of activities – from basic household tasks to the intricate medical requirements.

Scope of Nursing Attendants Services

Personal Care

It is important to know just what all services are covered by our nursing attendant care. Let’s start with the most basic that is the Personal care. Trained nursing attendants help you with bathing, along with foot care, dental care, hair care, nail care and companionship. They help with dressing too – making the experience virtually seamless for the patient.


Care Aides offers mobilization support for the patients who are bedridden or confined to wheelchairs, offering complete elderly assistance at home. We also help with diaper change and support in walking.

Health Monitoring

Patients Care attendant take care of all your scheduled check-ups, nebulization and other specific medical needs while all you have to do is focus on getting better. The health monitoring is a wide option and will be formulated by the inputs from the consulting doctors.


Trained Attendants clean and keep the patient's space well-maintained. Because the first step to better health is cleanliness.


Our trained nursing attendants help in tube feeding as well as other basic feeding support like cutting fruit or making soup. We will heat up and serve already made food, and clear up after you’ve eaten it.

Exercise support

Exercise is needed and encouraged to get in better health sooner. Our nurses help you with the basic motion changes, providing the same for the bedridden as well.

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Why Portea Nursing Attendants Services?

We train the nurses with the best means necessary. We use not just visual means, but also real-time role plays – to prepare them for all kinds of emergencies. We believe in providing a hands-on patient care and we do encourage continuous learning on the Nurses’ part.
We take utmost care in assigning the most suitable caregiver to each and every patient – most closely matched to their medical needs. And we also follow it up with regular supervision to ensure everything is on track.
The very process of hiring the nurses is a vigorous series of Written Tests -> Interviews -> Skill Tests to make sure you get the most professional care. As an added effort, we recruit nurses from National Skills Development Council (NSDC) only.

Our trained nursing attendants work toward maintaining your independence and dignity while supporting your ongoing health requirements. Call us now if you are looking for nursing caretaker nearby in Kolkata.