What is Nursing Attendants Services?

Portea is the provider of world-class trained nursing attendants in Mumbai to help you with a myriad of activities and support you need. We provide other assistance like care aides, feeding, mobilization etc. as well to place an emphasis on maintaining your independence.

Trained Attendants Services Include -

Personal Care

Private home caregiver will help with everyday tasks like bathing and dressing up after the bath. We also help in nail care, foot care, hair care, dental care, companionship, and transport if and when needed.

Mobilization Assistance

Trained Nursing Attendants will help both the wheelchair bound and the bedridden. They will move the wheelchair around, change the position on the bed, along with diaper change, if needed. They also support in walking, offering a comprehensive, flexible and responsive service.

Monitoring health

Every minor and major aspect of the patient’s health is monitored by our patient's attendants. A medical plan will be formulated according to his/her condition. On its basis, we will monitor the patient – from the equipment to procedures to taking care of specific needs.

Clean the patient’s space

The Nursing attendant staff will take care of all the patient’s personal space to ensure cleanliness. A clean and organized environment is essential to make the patient feel better.

Help in Feeding

Portea’s Trained Attendants will serve the hot food to the patient and clean up afterwards. They can also perform minor tasks like cutting up fruit and making soup (only for the patient), offering complete elderly assistance at home.

Exercise support

Care aides will help in mobilization for the purpose of the exercise. However, it is advised that the patient realize the extent of their potential and how much they can push themselves. For this, we would recommend consulting our physiotherapist, who will help you with the same.

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Why Portea Nursing Attendants Services in Mumbai?

In our mission to build a team of the most efficient trained nursing attendants, we recruit them from National Skills Development Council (NSDC) only. Our selection process consists of written Tests, interviews and skill Tests – that ensures we have the best team.
And it doesn’t stop at just recruitment; we use a variety of techniques to train our nurses. Real life role plays, hands-on patient care and visual aids – to name a few.
We, at Portea, consider it our duty to provide the most suitable caregiver to each and every patient, as per their needs. And we also supervise every case from time to time to ensure correct execution.

Call us now if you are looking for nursing caretakers nearby in Mumbai. Our skilled team provides personalized care that is focused on maintaining independence.