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what is shingles?

Shingles also known as Herpes Zoster is a viral infection. Shingles is caused by the chickenpox virus (varicella-zoster virus). Shingles is a painful rash that develops on one side of the face or body. Shingles infection on the face may also infect eyes, in serious cases causing blindness.

relation between shingles & chickenpox:

If you had Chickenpox as a child, chicken pox is cured as its symptoms go, but the varicella-zoster virus remains in the body. The virus may reactivate later in adulthood in the form of Shingles.

causes of shingles (who are most susceptible):

People who have had chickenpox are most susceptible to Shingles infection. Below are the most susceptible people for shingles:

  • People above age of 50
  • People under stress
  • People with weakened immunity (ex, HIV patients, cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, organ transplant, etc)

Shingles is most common among people above 50 years old. According to a study 90% of adults over 50 already carry the virus that causes Shingles. And 1 in 3 people develop Shingles in their lifetime. As the immune system is weaker in elderly, shingles in the elderly is the most common.

The Varicella zoster virus usually gets reactivated under the condition of stress. There is no scientific reason available for the outbreak, typically stress is the major catalyst for the reactivation of Varicella Zoster

symptoms/early symptoms

Early symptoms of shingles include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Light sensitivity
  • Stomachachex

The other symptoms of Shingles appear after a few days. These symptoms include:

  • Itchy, tingly, or burning sensation on your skin
  • Redness on the skin of the affected area
  • Raised rash on the skin
  • Fluid-filled blisters that rupture and scab over
  • Pain varying in severity from mild to severe in the afflicted skin area


There is no known treatment available for Shingles infection. But the symptoms can be controlled using medication. You can get herpes zoster infection treatment 


Shingles can be prevented by getting vaccinated against Shingles. The vaccine is given in 2 doses with a gap of 6 months. It can protect you from shingles infection effectively for at least 7 years. In adults over age 50+, it is 90% effective in preventing Shingles. Please consult your doctor for more information on Shingles and its prevention.

how portea can help prevent shingles?

You can now get the Shingarix vaccine near you at your home with Portea. With Portea highly qualified nurses & doctors will administer the vaccine to you at your home without the need of going to the hospital. And that too at very affordable prices. Call us now to book your vaccination appointment for Shingles. x


Q-Does stress increase the chances of shingles infection?

A-Yes, stress increases your chances of getting Shingles infection.

Q-Is shingles contagious?

A-No, shingles is not contagious. You cannot get infected with Shingles from someone else with Shingle infection or chicken pox. But you can contract Chickenpox from a person having Shingles.

Q-Can shingles pain be cured?

A-Shingles cannot be cured but there is a way to cure pain from Shingles with medication. You can get prescription from your doctor to ease Shingles Pain.

Q-Am I still at risk if I haven’t had Chickenpox?

A-No, you cannot get Shingles if you never had Chickenpox, but you can get Chickenpox from a person infected with Shingles. 

Q-What are the 1st signs of shingles?

A- Early symptoms of Shingles pain feel like electric shocks or piercing nails or burns caused by boiling water, itching, tingling, and numbness localized to the affected areas 48-72 hours before the rash appears. 

Q-How long does shingles last?

A-Healing time for Shingles can be different from person to person. Most shingles cases are cured between 2-4 weeks. 

Q-What are the stages of Shingles?

There are 4 stages in Shingles:

  • Tingling Pain on one side of the body or face, fever, headache, fatigue, light sensitivity.
  • Red rash appearance on skin
  • Blistering
  • Rupture of blisters then scabbing over a blistered area of skin

Typically Shingles is most painful at the start when the onset of symptoms starts from Rash to scabbing over blisters. After blisters are dried and scabbing Shingles is not contagious.

Q-What is the best treatment for shingles?

A-As the saying goes “Prevention is better than Cure”, you can get vaccinated for Shingles as there is no cure available for Shingles. Medication can be used to lessen the pain and severity of the disease.

Q-Can shingles affect your organs?

A-In rare cases, Shingles can affect your organs. It can be life-threatening if the organs are affected with Shingles.

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