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Power Wheel Chair – A Great Value for money!

Ostrich Mobility Verve LX is the most low cost but quite effective power wheelchair available in India. The rigid frame of Verve Lx with removable and height adjustable arm rest and foldable footrest facilitates basis mobility outdoor as well as indoor. The joystick control unit can be change (Left to right or vice versa).

Ostrich Mobility Verve LX Power wheel chair with superior stability and added safety is a low cost entry level power wheelchair available in India. Verve Lx  electric power wheelchair comes with safety features like keypad locking ,mobility cut off during charge and 3 minute interval auto shut off, Making safety a priority. The 5 speed selection allows the power wheelchair user to use 5 different speeds in the range of 1-6km/hr. This Ostrich Verve LX electric wheelchair can climb a 12 degree slope incline and has a range of 12- 15 km on full charge. The tires are non-marking foam filled puncture resistant tires for hassle free maintenance.

People with obesity have also taken advantage of this technology. It allows him or her to be able to move around independently without needing help from someone else.

Power Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs, also called power chairs, are often a more suitable option for those who are physically unable to self-propel a manual wheelchair. Before purchasing an electric wheelchair be sure to consult with an occupational or physical therapist. Electric wheelchairs are available in a wide variety of seat widths, depths and heights, and feature a number of armrest, legrest and seating options. Power wheelchairs allow users of every strength to control the electric wheelchair with a joystick, but higher end models offer a multitude of alternative control options – such as proximity switches, sip-n-puff, head arrays, infrared switches and magnetic angle sensors just to name a few. The three most common types of electric wheelchairs are front-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.

  • drive wheels are placed forward of where you sit
  • very stable for uneven terrain or up and down hills
  • climbs over small obstacles well
  • slower overall speeds (about 5 – 5 ½ mph) because front-wheel drive tends to “fish tail” at higher speeds
  • feature six wheels, including two rear anti-tip wheels
  • because they turn from the center like a top, they are considered the most maneuverable power wheelchair, even in tight spaces
  • the power base is usually separate from the seat and will accept any number of seating or power seating options, depending on wheelchair features
  • excellent outdoor high-speed performance and maneuverability
  • some models incorporate a folding feature
  • base is separate from seat and can accommodate a variety of seating and power seating options

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