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what is caretaker for the elderly at home?

Old age often comes with a set of challenges, however, your dear ones shouldn’t be left alone or with uncertain feelings. Your elders have always been there for you and now’s the time for you to assist them. 

The very thought of you staying away from them, always speculating how they will live alone, can be daunting. It’s high time you get them the help they need. Hire an expert caretaker who can meet their needs. A caretaker at home is a good option for nursing facilities or old age homes. Home care allows the elderly to stay within their own home and also offers you peace of mind as you know that they aren’t left alone whilst giving them the feeling of staying independent and cared for. 

why should you hire caretaker services for the elderly?

In-home caretakers can help with various daily tasks whilst enhancing the life of your loved one. The tasks range from cooking meals and cleaning the house to taking the elderly to their doctor appointments and ensuring that he/she continues all their medications.

Caretakers also offer discreet support to elderly in home care with intimate tasks such as bathing, dressing and utilizing the bathroom. Your dear one can maintain their hygiene with this particular support, which is significant for their well-being, whilst reducing the discomfort, pain or threat of a fall. 

Though the idea of inviting a total stranger into your elder’s home might feel uncomfortable at first, the ideal care experts are proficient at building trusting, warm, relationships so that the patients feel relaxed. Actually, this companionship can be crucial for the elderly who feel isolated at home.

If you happen to reside in another place and are not capable of visiting your dear ones regularly, you can hire a professional old age care taker at home to offer daily support to them. Caregivers offering long-distance care can provide regular updates to your family members about the elder’s life and condition.

In addition, if you are one amongst those people tending to an elder family member, employing a caretaker can provide you with the much-needed relief that you need to take some rest, recuperate and stay abreast of other parts of your life. This lets you have some time to concentrate on your needs whilst guaranteeing that your dear one receives the support they require as well. 

when do you need caretaker services?

When somebody you love requires assistance to handle daily activities at home, it becomes quite significant to take practical steps to ensure that they are safe, content and comfortable. For several families, employing an expert care taker for senior citizen is a considerate and effective way to support their dear one’s happiness and health, on a daily basis. 

For the elderly, mobility problems and other ageing aspects can often cause fears that they will be bereaved of their liberty and that they might have to go away from their community and home. When you hire a 24 hours caretaker, seniors who have issues with essential tasks such as grocery shopping and cooking can get the care they require and live contentedly in their residence. 

how portea helps?

The aged members of your family deserve to possess access to superior experiences, services, and quality home care services for the ones who are far away from their families to reduce the burden of getting old.

Portea aims to make these golden years sparkle as happy and cheerful as possible for the elderly. They have developed a system that aids in home aged care for the elderly within the luxury and security of their homes even if they are not there physically, yet still protect their family’s wellbeing.


Q-How can I hire caretaker services from Portea?

A-You can pick from various alternatives to locate a caregiver from Portea. You can either book online, contact customer care or request a callback. The team will link you up with a nearby caretaker in your city.

Q-What is the difference between a caretaker and a nursing attendant?

A-Nursing aides and caregivers are approximately identical in job functions which centre more on assistance and health care. A caregiver offers care assistance to the disabled and elderly with their daily duties. Nursing assistants offer health care assistance and prepare and hand out medication to the seniors.  

Q-For how long can I hire caretaker services from Portea?

A-Portea will assign skilled caretakers based on your need who can care for your loved ones and offer holistic support. You can hire a caretaker for as long as you want. 

Q-What are the responsibilities of the caretaker?

A-The main duty of a caretaker is to ensure the finest care for your senior at home. He/she should also offer complete assistance and attention to the seniors to preserve their general health and well-being. The caretaker should make sure that the senior obtain a helping hand in nearly all physical movements and day-to-day living activities. 

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