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nursing services in ludhiana

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nursing services in ludhiana

Are you on the lookout for a nursing service in Ludhiana? Or do you have patients at home who are seeking help with their daily activities? We are here for you! Portea provides high-quality medical and non-medical care as part of a single package in the comfort of your home. Nursing services in Ludhiana by Portea are available for elderly adults, newborn babies, new moms, post-surgery patients, people with acute and chronic health issues, etc. Call us right away for the best nursing care in Ludhiana. We are at your service 24/7 and ensure you a hassle-free service at your convenience.

Home Nursing Services in Ludhiana

Finding an exemplary home nursing service is indeed challenging. Portea provides unique home nursing services in Ludhiana and ensures a better lifestyle for those in need. We cover all the patient’s medical needs and make vaccinations possible at your preferred location at the desired time. The reputed line of care through Portea in Ludhiana provides the right nurses assigned for patients based on their health conditions and requirements.

Our expert service in nursing is achieved through our well-trained and experienced nurses who can handle and manage all types of patients. People with less or no mobility because of physical injury, trauma, illness and other age-related factors need special care. We promise to help them with their routine activities like feeding, grooming, dressing, getting in and out of bed, walking, and administering medicines. In rare or unique circumstances, our skilled nurses provide mental care, popularly known as psychiatric care.

We provide one-to-one nursing service through our home nursing program with better care and attention to the patient. Our nursing services are mostly preferred by bedridden patients whose families seek help. However, home nursing services by Portea aims to increase the bond between the caregiver and the patient and make the family feel relieved and satisfied.

what are the range of services portea supports?

Portea offers a wide range of nursing services that begins with the most basic activities discussed above: administering medication through IV infusions and injections, catheterization, performing radiation therapy, etc. The other fields of care that a patient care taker in Ludhiana offers are:

●      Geriatric Care – This nursing care is for elderly adults who need support and help due to their age and restrictions to move. Geriatric care is of excellent service to the patient’s family, and they aid in improving the patient’s lifestyle effectively. 

●      Palliative Care – Palliative care is for patients who are seriously ill, and extra care will help them ease out their day to day life. It targets both the physical and mental health of the patient, and Portea offers the best service at Ludhiana. 

●      Orthopedic Care – Patients with problems related to muscles and bones need help to move around and also get back some flexibility. The nurses who offer services under this category also provide physiotherapy and other medical help to patients so that they can get back to their routines in a quick time.

●      Neurological Care – Patients with neurological disorders fall short of mobility and flexibility. Therefore, nurses are needed to take good care of them and improve their condition through proper diet.

●      Oncology Care – People with cancer who need additional care seek our organization as we provide well-qualified nurses who are well aware of patient conditions and take good care of them.

●      Home ICU – This nursing care requires a skilled and highly professional nurse to monitor the patient continuously. They are responsible for administering medicines either orally or intravenously and keeping documenting the medical symptoms for the doctor to review them in the future.

nurse for home care near me

Log into our site and reach out to us immediately if you have people seeking help post-surgery or fighting their battle against cancer. We have a specialized set of nurses trained to serve such patients with utmost compassion and dedication. With just one click of a nurse for home care near me in Ludhiana on our site, we assign a well-experienced nurse who will serve you in your home.

Patient care at home is now available instantly without any hassle as Portea aims at offering immediate help to all the people in need. We cover the entire area in and around Ludhiana with our team of certified and qualified nurses to provide the best medical help.


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Mr. Raj Shekhar

Age 32, Chennai

My father had a surgery and required regular healthcare services. Portea has greatly helped him with their in-home healthcare services.

Portea has started home infusion of cerezyme 0.8 (cerezyme replacement therapy) of gaucher disease. From past 5years. I have been undergoing ERT at Delhi hospital. But now with the help of Sanofi Genzyme, Portea done our first home infusion of cerezyme. The team which visited our home (Raghvendra sir and pramod) in this thought condition COVID and rainy weather on time and attended us were highly professional. From the very first step till the and of therapy they did everything very well. They took every percuations, share every details with as regarding home infusion of cerezyme , used every necessary equipment (infusion pump) for therapy, monitored us thoroughly. This new intiative for ERT is very nice and impressive. Thank you Raghvendra sir Thanks to portea and Sanofi for this arrangement.

We would like to put on record that we found the services of Nurse Jeesha and Nurse Sridevi to be excellent. They were competent, dedicated and compassionate Nurses who were able to establish a good rapport with the patient and the family caregivers. Your Nursing Supervisor Anthony Michael responded promptly and effectively to our communications. We would be happy to recommend the services of Portea.