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blood test at home in delhi 

If you are looking for a pathology lab in Delhi that can do blood tests at home, Portea can be the right choice. You can book a blood test online at home and the sample collector will come to your home. So, from booking and sample collection to getting the report, every step of a blood test can be done at home. 

Basic Health Check Package 

This package includes a number of diagnostic tests that screen your health status. There are 58 parameters included in the basic health check package. Some tests that are included in this package are CBC, Lipid profile, Thyroid profile, Iron profile, and so on. 

Senior Citizen Women Executive Health Check Up 

Women of age above 60 years can get this Blood test near me. The checkup includes a number of tests such as Hb test, vitamin profile, serum calcium test, routine urine analysis, and so on. 

Master Health Check 

It includes comprehensive tests of the full body at a young age. Most health problems related to blood, bones, kidney, liver, heart, and thyroid can be diagnosed with a master health check. If you are interested in getting this Blood test lab near me, you can call us 1800-121-2323 or book the test online. 

Within 12-72 hours, of collecting the sample, Portea send out accurate reports to patients via email. (The time to receive report may vary depending upon the type of test.)

benefits of lab test from home 

The benefits of doing blood tests in Delhi from home are:

  • Safety during the time of the pandemic
  • No hassle of going to the hospital or clinic twice
  • Justified cost of blood tests

procedure for lab test at home in delhi

The whole procedure for a blood test at home in Delhi is quite easy. Down below, you can find the step by step guide on what to expect and how to prepare for the lab test at home:

Booking for Blood Test

To book a blood test online at Portea’s pathology labs in South Delhi and other parts of Delhi, you should visit our website and provide some basic info such as your name, contact number, full address where you want to get the blood test done. You can also call us 1800-121-2323 and book the test on the phone call. 

To finally book the blood test, you have to make the online payment. Once the booking is complete, we will reach out to you for any further inquiries about the test. 

Home Collection

On your selected date and time, we will send a trained sample collector for blood sample collection for test from home in Delhi. The sample collector will follow all safety guidelines while collecting sample. Just make sure that you have not taken any medicine or food that hours before sample taking that might alter your test report. 

Days And Time Needed For The Test

You can book the blood test at home in Delhi at your preferred time and date. The whole process of sample collection will take only a few minutes. Generally, the test report is ready and prepared to be sent to your home within 12 to 72 hours of sample taking. 

Report Procedure

The easy report procedure makes Portea the pathology lab in Delhi. As we mentioned earlier, the report is generally ready within 12 to 72 hours of sample taking. And once the report is ready, it will be sent to your home and email address. 

how portea helps you to take lab test at home 

At Portea, you can book lab tests from your home. Whether it is a blood test, phlegm test, urine test, or any other type of lab test, you can do that with the help of Portea. Once you book the test, our sample collector will come to your home and take the sample. Within 12 to 72 hours, your sample reports will be delivered to your home and to your email address. 


  • Best Lab For Blood Test At Home In Delhi?

Searching for the best labs near me? Portea is considered the best pathology lab in East Delhi and other parts of Delhi too. We provide world-class diagnostic test services at the comfort of your home. 

  • What Are The Best Diagnostic Centres For Blood Tests In Delhi?

Portea is considered as the best pathology lab in South Delhi and other parts of Delhi. The reports are accurate and delivered fast. If you are looking for a blood test in Delhi from your home, Portea is the best diagnostic centre for you. 

  • Can Blood Test Be Done At Home In Delhi?

Yes, blood tests can easily be done at home in Delhi. In fact, you don’t need to step out of your home even at once. You can book the blood test at home in South Delhi or any other part of Delhi online or on phone call. 

  • What Are The Lab Tests That Can Be Done At Home?

Various types of lab tests can be done at home in Delhi. At Portea, you can get complete blood count, blood sugar test, double marker test, kidney profile test, lipid profile test, thyroid test, urine routine test, and various other types of lab tests at home. 

  • How Good Are Home Medical Sample Collections In India?

Search the best labs near me and you will find a number of labs in your city. The quality of home medical sample collections in India depends on the diagnostic centre that you are choosing. Portea is known for delivering reliable medical care services at the comfort of your home. 

  • How Should I Prepare For A Blood Test Home Visit In Delhi?

Preparing for a lab test is important to make sure that your reports come out to be precise. Follow the instructions given by your healthcare provider. Generally, the instructions include not consuming any food or beverage that might alter the readings of the sample of your blood. 

For example, there are certain foods and medicines that can raise or lower the sugar levels in your blood. Tell your healthcare provider about any medicine or supplements that you are taking. 

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