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blood tests at home in indore

If you are looking for pathology labs in Indore near you for diagnostic lab tests, Portea can help you. We offer online blood testing services in which we take your blood sample from home and give you the report back. During this whole procedure, you do not have to take even a step out of your home. 

Diabetes Health Checkup Package

Portea offers two types of diabetes health checkup packages that include tests such as CBC test, Diabetes Screen tests, Lipid profile tests, Kidney Profile test, and so on. 

Heart Checkup Package

Check the health of your heart with our heart checkup packages that include tests such as Electrolytes Profile test, Liver Function Tests, Lipid Profile, Kidney Function Test, Blood Sugar, Electrolytes Profile, and so on. 

Senior Citizen Health Check Up

Once you cross the age of 60 years, regular checkups are necessary to maintain your health. Portea offers two packages for such needs namely Senior Citizen Women Executive Health Check Up and Senior Citizen Men Executive Health Check Up. These packages include tests that diagnose age-related health problems. 

Within 12-72 hours, of collecting the sample, we send out accurate reports to patients via email. (The time to receive report may vary depending upon the type of test.)

pathology lab in indore near you

If you look for pathology lab test near you on the internet, you might a number of diagnostics labs. But if you want a reliable diagnostic report from a well-known name in the health care services, Portea can be the right choice. If you live in Indore, you do not have to go to hospitals or labs for lab test anymore. Now, you can give the sample from your home and get your report. 

why take lab test from home and what are the benefits?

There are many benefits of doing a blood test at home in Indore. If you are thinking about whether you should go to a clinic for a lab test or get it done at home, you must know about the following benefits of blood test at home in Indore:

  • If you have an elderly patient or patient who is having discomfort in moving, blood sample collection from home in Indore can save you a lot of effort. 
  • If you are getting done a blood test at home, you will also stay away from any potential infection. 
  • Blood test at home in Indore also saves you a lot of time. You can get the test done on your preferred date and timing at the best blood test lab near you. 

Some people have a perception about home sampling blood test in Indore that it is costly. But if you take full body checkup package from Portea, you truly get valuable insights about your health for a little sum. 

what is the procedure of lab test at home in indore?

The process of getting a test done with Portea is way easier than any offline blood test lab in Indore. Here is the step-by-step procedure of home sampling blood test in Indore:

Booking for lab Test

Booking can be done in two ways: online and through a phone call. To book an antibody test in Indore, you have to visit Portea’s official website and select a diagnostic test package. After selecting a package, you will have to fill in some important info like your full name, your contact number, and your full address. 

Alternatively, you can book a blood test in Indore through a phone call. Dial 1800-121-2323 and confirm the lab test package that you need. Again, you will have to give info like full name and address. 

Finally, you have to select your preferred time and date for the sampling and make the payment. Once you do that, the booking for blood test in Indore is complete. 

Home Collection

For sample collection, we will send an experienced and trained phlebotomist (Sample Collector) to your mentioned address in Indore. The sample collection process is quite hassle-free and usually takes only a few minutes to complete. You also don’t have to worry about COVID-19 related problems as the sample collector will follow the necessary guidelines. 

We might also inform you about any preparation that should be made on your side. Usually, the preparation only includes not eating food or certain medicines hours before the sample taking. 

Days And Time Needed For The Test

As we mentioned earlier, you can select the date and time during the time of blood test booking. Once the sample collection is correctly done, we take only 24 to 36 hours for general tests. After that, your report will be ready for evaluation.

Report Procedure

The report-taking process is also as easy as the booking and blood sampling process. Once your report is ready, we will send it to you both online and offline. One copy of the report will be sent to you at the sample-taking address and another copy will be sent to you to your email address. 

how does portea help you to take lab test at home?

Most people choose Portea for central lab Indore home collection as we provide reliable diagnostic services. This is why we also come among the top results of any blood test near me on the internet. We help you take the lab test at home by processing everything online. From booking to getting the reports, you can do everything from home with Portea. 


  • Can Lab Tests Be Done At Home In Indore?

Yes, lab tests can be done at home in Indore. Just search blood test near me on the internet and you will Portea’s home sampling blood test services. 

  • Which Is Best Online Lab Test In Indore?

Thanks to its world-class medical services, Portea is considered best for antibody test in Indore.

  • Best Labs For Blood Test At Home In Indore?

Search for the best laboratory near me on the internet and you will find a number of positive reviews about Portea’s diagnostic tests services. 

  • What Tests Can Be Done At Home?

Here is a list of a few blood tests available at Portea:

  • How Should I Prepare For A Blood Test Home Visit In Indore?

Do not eat or take any medicine that might alter your blood reports hours before giving the blood sample. 

  • Can I See My Blood Test Report Online?

Yes, Portea will send your report to your email address. 

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