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blood tests available in hyderabad

Portea offers the best blood testing services in Hyderabad. We do diagnostic tests related to every kind of health problem. The booking process of diagnostic tests at Portea is quite easy and simple too. You can either book the home collection blood test online or by phone call. This way, you will keep a tab on your health without even stepping out of your home. 

Health Check Package 

We offer two types of health check packages – basic and advanced. These health packages include various fundamental tests that will help you get a comprehensive evaluation of your health. The tests included in health check packages include CBC, Lipid profile, Liver profile, Thyroid profile, Kidney profile, Diabetic profile, etc. 

Diabetes Health Checkup Package

We also offer two health checkup packages that evaluate diabetes namely the diabetes health checkup package and comprehensive health checkup package. These packages include tests such as the Fasting Blood Sugar test, HbA1c test, Routine urine analysis tests, Lipid profile tests, and Serum Creatinine test.

Senior Citizen Health Checkup

Blood test sample collection from home is especially helpful for senior citizens. We offer two types of senior citizen health checkups namely Senior Citizen Men Executive Health Checkup and Senior Citizen Women Executive Health Checkup. These packages include regular tests that evaluate common health problems that people face when they cross the age of 60 years. 

How portea works - lab test at home

lab test at home in hyderabad

Portea is considered the best lab test at home in Hyderabad. We offer comprehensive checkup packages that test your whole body for potential health problems. Not only is the procedure of getting the tests done easy but our blood test cost in Hyderabad is also competitive. 

Adrenaline test
Bleeding time and Clotting time test
CBC test
Cholestrol test
Creatanine test
D dimer test
Double Marker test
ECG test
ESR test
FBS test
Glucose tolerance test
Hemoglobin test
Immunoglobulin-G (IG) test
Lipid test profile
Liver fuction test
Malaria test
Microfilaria test
PCV test
PPBS test
Quantiferon Tb Gold test
Random Blood Sugar test
Testosterone test
Thyroid test
Triglycerides test
Typhoid Test
Urine culture test
USG test
Vitamine B12 test
Vitamine D3 test

procedure for lab test at home in hyderabad

The procedure for getting the test done at home is as easy as searching for blood test near me on the Internet. Down below, you can find the procedure for blood test in Hyderabad from the comfort of your home. 

Lab Test Booking

You can book the lab test in two ways: online and through a phone call. To book the test online, you have to visit Portea’s website and go to the checkup package. There, you have to fill in your personal details such as your full name, home address, and contact number. If you want to book the lab test on a phone call, you can do that too. Call us at 1800-121-2323 and give your necessary details. 

In the final steps of booking the lab test, you have to schedule the timing of sample collection and make the payment online. 

Home Collection

Once you book a lab test, we will send an experienced and trained sample collector for online blood test in Hyderabad. If needed, the sample collector will follow all COVID-19 related guidelines. You will also be informed about any preparation that you have to make for the lab test at home in Hyderabad.

Days And Time Needed For The Test

Instead of waiting in lines, you can schedule the home collection blood test at your preferred time. The sample collector will come to your address and will complete the sample collection process within minutes. Usually, a report of a blood test is prepared within 24 to 36 hours of sample collection. 

Report Procedure

The report-taking procedure is as easy as the sample-taking process. As we mentioned earlier, the report generally gets prepared within 24 to 36 hours of sample collection. Once it is prepared, the report will be sent to your sample collection address. Along with that, we send the report to your email address too. 

how portea helps you to take lab test at home

From booking the lab test to getting the report, all the steps of getting a diagnostic test done are simple and easy with Portea. You can choose a diagnostic test package online according to your health need and get it done from the comfort of your home. It is because of all these reasons that people always find Portea’s online lab the best online laboratory near me.


  • Best Online Blood Test Service At Home In Hyderabad?

Search ‘the best diagnostic lab near me‘ on the internet and you will surely find Portea’s name there. For years, we have been providing world-class health care and diagnostic services. The cost of various diagnostic lab test packages is cost-effective too. 

  • What Tests Can Be Done At Home?

Almost every general diagnostic test that you get at labs can now be done at home. Here is a list of some tests that are included in various body health checkup packages offered by Portea:

These were just a few examples of tests that you can get done at the comfort of your home from Portea. There are various other tests too that can help you diagnose medical conditions related to heart, kidney, stomach, liver, bones, and so on. 

  • Blood Test At Home Can Be Done In Hyderabad?

If you live anywhere in Hyderabad, Portea can come to your home for taking blood, urine, or phlegm sample. Be it a test related to the health of your heart or a test that can diagnose conditions like hypertension, diabetes, STD – you can get all of these tests done at your home in Hyderabad. 

  • How Can I Book A Blood Test Home Visit Near Me?

To book a blood test, you have to go to Portea’s official website and check the specific body health checkup package that you need to get done. Once you select the package, you will have to fill in all the essential dates such as your full name, your address where you want to get sampled, and your contact number. After filling in the details, you have to make the online payment and your booking will be done. 

Alternatively, you can also call us at 1800-121-2323 to book the blood test through phone call. Just like the online method, you have to give your essential details on the phone call too. 

  • Can We Do Sugar Test At Home?

Yes, you can do a sugar test at your home. Portea offers various packages that include sugar tests. A few examples of such packages are Advanced Health Checkup Package and the Comprehensive Diabetes Checkup Package. 

  • What Is The Cost Of the Sugar Test?

The cost of a sugar test can vary according to the package you are choosing. If you book the blood test from Portea, you can get the sugar test done at a budget-friendly price. 

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