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blood test at home in bangalore

When searching for a blood test at home, Bangalore has witnessed the launch of plenty of labs that not only offer lab tests at home but also a full body checkup. We, at Portea, have also launched our blood test packages in Bangalore. 

From the basic blood tests to an advanced blood test in Bangalore, our packages contain it all. Just book a lab test at home here. 

How portea works - lab test at home

blood test at home in bangalore 

Regular health check-ups should be on everyone’s priority list. These help in ensuring that you can detect any health issue timely and if there are no health issues, one can start focusing on areas that require more attention. Blood tests are also a part of these regular health checkups, especially for women as they can help detect anaemia or other vitamin deficiency. 

With the fast-paced lifestyle, it is difficult to first find a laboratory near you and then schedule an appointment. This is why more and more people are opting for online blood tests in Bangalore. Lab test at home in bangalore are becoming norm. All they need to do is book a blood sample collection from home in Bangalore and just wait. Our representative will collect the blood sample from home and the reports will be shared with you online.

cost of blood test in bangalore

Top Lab Test Price
ESR test285
LDH test450
Lipid Profile Test450
Liver Function Test600
PPBS Test69
SGPT Test100
Thyroid Test400
TSH Test200
VDRL Test200
Widal Test175

lab package in bangalore

Search for a blood test lab near me in Bangalore and we are sure you would find us among the top options. This is because we offer the best lab tests for you and your family. 

Our complete health check-up packages include not just home collection for blood test but also lab tests for Thyroid Profile (T3, T4 and TSH), Urine Test, CRP Blood Test, Cholesterol Test, Dengue Blood Test, Kidney Profile and other tests at your convenience.

blood test packages available in bangalore

The blood lab test at home in Bangalore is also available in multiple packages. Based on your requirement, you can choose the one that is suggested by the doctors. Some of the best packages for blood test in Bangalore are:

Advanced Heart/ Cardiac Checkup Package

The CBC blood test at home in Bangalore is also included in the cardiac checkup package. It is suitable for those who wish to monitor their heart health and change their lifestyle to keep healthy.

Advanced heart checkup is also recommended to patients who have any heart issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or cardiovascular risk factors. So, if you have been searching for a diagnostic lab near me for a heart checkup, this is a great option.

Master Health Check

As the name suggests, this health checkup includes a wide variety of lab tests. Those who are looking for “lab test near me” on the internet that screens the most common health conditions related to thyroid, heart, liver, kidney, bones, and blood can opt for this one. 
This is a good checkup package if you are over 30 and want to evaluate your overall health. You can contact us to know how to book this online blood test in Bangalore and how much it would cost. We often offer various offers and discounts to make sure you can have an affordable diagnosis.

Diabetes Checkup Package

Diabetes is one of the most common health issues in India. People Diabetes is one of the most common health issues in India. People who have diabetes often experience irregular blood sugar levels and that’s why they need to get a diabetes checkup every now and then. That being said, going to any diagnostic lab near me is not always the most comfortable option. In such a case, one can book tests at home. Portea’s home collection blood test is also included in this package.

procedure of lab test at home in bangalore

Below is a complete procedure and what to expect when you have to apply for a blood test at home near me. 

Blood Test Booking

To book a “lab test near me” with Portea, you can either visit our website or call us at 1800-121-2323. Provide us the basic information such as your name, mobile number, and city to book an appointment. Our representation will reach out to you for further process.

Home collection

After you have made the payment and opted for a schedule, we will assign a trained phlebotomist (Sample Collector). The phlebotomist will visit your address to collect the samples while following all the Covid-19 related precautions. 

You will be informed of any preparation that might be needed for the blood sample collection from home in Bangalore. For instance, doctors recommend fasting before blood and urine tests for proper diagnosis. You should also refrain from alcohol consumption. 

Days and Time needed for the Test

You can select the date and time for the test at your convenience. Our sample collector will reach your address on time and will begin the process. The sample collection takes a few minutes and the report is usually generated within 24 to 36 hours. 

Report Procedure

Getting the report at Portea is quite easy. Once the samples are sent to the labs, our experts test them and then update the report online. 

You can use your registered ID to download the reports online via our website. We also send the lab reports to the customers via email as soon as the tests are done. 


  • What Type of Blood test can be done at Home?

There are multiple blood tests that can be done based on the customer’s requirement. Some common ones are: CBC test, Blood sugar test, Hemoglobin, etc., To get more details, contact us today. 

  • Is Blood Test at Home is Possible?

Yes, a blood test at home in Bangalore or any other city is possible with Portea. Contact us today to know more. 

  • Is doctor prescription mandatory for Lab Test at Home?

It depends on the reason why a person is applying for the blood test. Usually, a prescription is required if you search for blood test lab near me. 

  • Who all are eligible for lab tests at home?

There is no specific eligibility criteria for a blood test at home. You can just search for a blood test lab near me and schedule an appointment. 

  • What is the price for Lab test at Home in Bangalore?

There are different packages for every lab test and this is why the prices can vary. However, we offer the most competitive blood test cost in Bangalore. You can also find discounts. Simply call us to know the blood test cost in Bangalore and take benefit of our affordable services today. 

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