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blood test packages available in mumbai

Whether you want to have an antibody test in Mumbai or a fever profile, we offer various types of blood tests packages in Mumbai. Here is a list of some blood test packages you can get done online in Mumbai:

Basic Health Checkup Package

A basic health checkup package is a comprehensive package of body tests that include 58 parameters. It consists of almost all fundamental tests. The basic health checkup package offered by Portea includes tests like routine investigation, sugar screening tests, liver tests, thyroid tests, and so on. 

It is a common misconception that only people who have started showing symptoms of diseases should get diagnostic tests done. But sometimes, a health problem does not show itself up until it reaches high stages. In such cases, getting a basic health checkup done helps in detecting certain medical conditions at early stages. 

Most of the time, when you detect a medical condition at an early stage, you can control its further spread just by making some lifestyle changes. Common problems such as high sugar, high cholesterol, etc. are a few good examples that are easily treatable if you spot them early. 

Senior Citizen Health CheckUp

Portea offers senior citizen health Checkup for men and women separately. The Senior Citizen Men Executive Health Check Up includes the tests such as lipid profile tests, liver function tests, various vitamins tests, and so on. 

Similarly, the Senior Citizen Women Executive Health Check Up includes various vital tests like vitamin profile, serum calcium test, routine urine analysis, etc. People above the of 60 should get a regular checkup done since the health of various organs starts to fall. Even if a doctor has not prescribed you any test, you can get these tests done at your own discretion. 

Health Checkup Package 

Search for blood test near me and you will find plenty of health check-up packages from Portea there. From basic heart checkups and healthy bones tests to advanced fertility checkups and master health checkups, we offer all kinds of health checkup packages near you. 

Our packages include multiple vital tests like blood tests, urine tests, phlegm tests, and so on. Instead of spending money on individual tests, you can buy a health checkup package and keep a tab on your health at a budget-friendly fee. 

How portea works - lab test at home

blood test at home in mumbai

Portea blood test home collection in Mumbai is suitable for people of all genders, ages, and health needs. You do not need to take a single step outside of your home. On your side, you just have to click a few buttons. The rest of the work, i.e. sample collection, testing, report delivery, will be done by Portea.

Adrenaline test
Bleeding time and Clotting time test
CBC test
Cholestrol test
Creatanine test
D dimer test
Double Marker test
ECG test
ESR test
FBS test
Glucose tolerance test
Hemoglobin test
Immunoglobulin-G (IG) test
Lipid test profile
Liver fuction test
Malaria test
Microfilaria test
PCV test
PPBS test
Quantiferon Tb Gold test
Random Blood Sugar test
Testosterone test
Thyroid test
Triglycerides test
Typhoid Test
Urine culture test
USG test
Vitamine B12 test
Vitamine D3 test

procedure for lab test at home in mumbai

Down below, you can find the complete procedure of getting the blood test at home in Mumbai. Read the complete procedure and you will know what to expect from an online blood test in Mumbai.

Lab Test Booking

To book the blood test at home in Navi Mumbai with Portea, you have to visit our website and provide some basic info such as your full name, contact number, and full address. Alternatively, you can call us at 1800-121-2323 and book the lab test. The final steps of booking include choosing a schedule and making the payment. Once you book the blood test at home, we will reach out to you for any further inquiries. 

Home collection

After you complete the booking process, we will send a trained phlebotomist (Sample Collector) to your address at your chosen address in Mumbai. Note here that the sample collector will fully follow all the Covid-19 related precautions. 

We will also inform you about the preparation that you might have to do for the sample collection from your home in Mumbai. 

Days and Time needed for the Test

As mentioned earlier, you can book a blood test at home in Mumbai at your desired time. The sample collection process will only take a few minutes. Generally, the report gets ready within 24 to 36 hours of sample taking.

Report Procedure

What makes Portea the best blood test lab in Mumbai is how easily you can get the report. The team responsible for testing the blood is prompt not only in getting the test results but also in making the report available to you. 

Once the report is ready, it will be delivered to your doorstep and will also be sent to you online via e-mail. You can also use your registered ID to download your reports from our website. 

how portea helps you to take lab test at home

Portea helps in ending the search for the best blood test near me. We offer different test packages that include basic health check-ups, blood tests, full body checkups, and so on. You can book the test online and our sample collectors will come to your home shortly. Once the test is complete, we will send you the test results immediately. 


  • How to get the Best Blood test at home in Mumbai?

If you are searching ‘best pathology lab near me’ but still do not know how to get a blood test done at home, Portea is here to help. Book a blood test from our website and we will send a trained sample collector to your home. Once that is done, you will have to wait for a certain period of time, and then the report will be sent to you. 

  • Cost for the Full body Checkup at Home in Mumbai?

A full body checkup can include different tests under different packages. For the same reason, there are different prices of full body checkup. The blood test price in Mumbai offered by Portea is quite competitive. That is why Portea ends the search for labs near me for most people who want to get a full body checkup done.

  • Is Doctor Prescriptions are mandatory for Lab Test at Home?

Different blood testing services have different rules about the doctor’s prescription. Usually, you do need a doctor’s prescription for blood test at home. But there are some tests that general tests that can also be performed without any doctor’s prescription. 

  • Who all are eligible for lab tests at home?

There are no eligibility criteria for getting tested at home. Whether you are a healthy person or have a health problem, you are eligible for a lab test at home. All you have to do is just search a laboratory near me on the internet, find the Portea lab test there, and book a test.  

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