Physiotherapy treatments are used to cure diseases, injuries, disability by using massages, manual therapy techniques, and exercises. These treatments can also help you avoid the need of surgery, medications and prevent a range of health conditions. Its goal is to establish which part has been damaged and how it has been damaged. The best part of a Physio treatment is that it has no side effects and helps you get rid of the root cause of your problem.

Physiotherapy is suitable for any age group and even children and infants. It helps with the physical developments and rehabilitation and works on the motor skills of a kid. Physiotherapy treats children with musculoskeletal conditions which affect the muscles and bones. Physical therapy can improve many of the factors associated with aging, including flexibility, coordination, balance and strength. It can treat conditions that are common in old age such as osteoporosis, and arthritis.

When do you need physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps an individual return to his former self without the intake of drugs and other medication. It focuses on the muscles to get rid of the whole injury and prevent recurrence in the future. If you are experiencing constant pain, neurological problems, mobility issues, then get physio treatment immediately.

Sports injuries- An injury becomes inevitable while participating in fitness activities, training exercises, and organized sports. Some of the causes of sports injuries are- incorrect training, not using the right equipment, not following the right techniques, an accident or not warming up before playing. Injury can be a minor or a major one and immediate treatment is important. Physiotherapy is widely used and recommended for sportspersons. It helps regain movement and strength in various parts of the body. You can easily avail physiotherapy treatment in Bangalore to get rid of discomfort and pain. Some of the common sports injuries you can treat with Physiotherapy are- knee injury, sprains, runners knee, groin pull, hamstring pull, shin splits etc. Know more…

Neurological disease or any chronic condition- You may need physiotherapy if you are a patient of stroke, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy. It may not cure the disease but helps you make independent by increasing the quality of your life. Your physiotherapist will design the treatment program for you after evaluating your balance, coordination, and strength. The treatment usually includes tailored exercise, mobilization, breathing and circulation exercises, positioning/splinting and passive limb exercises.

After Orthopedic surgery- Physiotherapy is recommended after orthopedic surgery such as operations on the spine, ankle, foot, neck, hand, wrist, shoulder, knee and hip. The goal of the treatment is to restore flexibility and normal movement and to prevent re-injury during the recovery time. The treatment may include manual therapy techniques, posture, coordination and balance training, exercises to strengthen muscles and flexibility exercises to improve range of motion. Know more…

During and after pregnancy- During pregnancy, your body goes through many emotional and physical changes. Back pain is one of the common issues among pregnant women. Almost all women experience some kind of pain during pregnancy, but physiotherapy can be used to keep such pain at bay. Pregnancy can add further pain and strain if your body is already compensating for previous injuries. Physiotherapy treatment during pregnancy can increase the mobility of your body, making for a much smoother labor and pregnancy.
Common physical conditions which can be treated using physiotherapy
Back Pain | Knee Pain | Arthritis | Cerebral Palsy | Joint Pain | Paralysis | Parkinsons Disease | Sciatica | Shoulder Pain | Spondylitis | Stroke

It is recommended to visit your physiotherapist if you are experiencing constant pain or you can also avail physiotherapy at home. If you do not know any physiotherapist then you can just google physiotherapist near me and you will be able to find great results.

Physio at Home in Bangalore

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