5 effective exercises for lumbar disc prolapse

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5 effective lumbar disc prolapse exercises: 

1. Seated Chair Stretch: 

Seated chair stretch exercise is highly effective if you have restricted mobility due to prolapsed lumbar disc or extremely tight hamstrings. All you need to do is sit on a chair place another chair in front of you, place one foot on the floor and other on the chair in your front, and, with a straight back, lean in the forward direction over your stretched leg. Hold this stretching position for about 30 seconds. You will feel a stretch in rear, upper thigh. Then, switch the legs. Perform this exercise thrice for each leg.

2. towel hamstring stretch:

Another effective exercise to minimize pain and irritation due to prolapsed lumbar disc is towel hamstring stretch. Lie down on your back on the ground. Keep one leg flat and lift the other leg by keeping it straight and tightening the muscles of your abdomen. Now, wrap a towel around the inner arch of your foot of the lifted leg and pull that leg towards you. Hold this pose for about 30 seconds. Then, switch your legs and perform this stretching exercise thrice with each leg.

3. wall hamstring stretch:

If you find towel hamstring stretch difficult as you need to lift a leg without any support, you may find wall hamstring stretch more convenient yet effective. You get sufficient stability and support of the solid wall surface to rest your leg during the stretch. Simply lie on the floor in the vicinity of the corner of a wall, place one leg straight on the floor, and keep other leg against the wall by bending at the knee. Now, straighten your vertically elevated bent leg against the wall without getting your hips off from the ground. Stay in this stretched position for 15 to 30 seconds. Perform this exercise twice or thrice for each leg.

4. back extensions: 

Back extensions stretch and effectively increases flexibility of your spine backwards. All you need to do is simply lie on your stomach on the floor, prop your upper body on your elbows, and stretch your spine. Push down on your hands and arch your back up. You will feel a stretch in your abdominal muscles. Breathe slowly and hold this position for five to ten seconds. Get back to the starting position. While performing this back extension exercise, make sure you maintain your hips grounded and don’t bend your neck backwards.

5. sphinx pose:

Sphinx Pose

Another ideal pose to get relief from the pain resulting due to your prolapsed lumbar disc is sphinx pose. It aids in strengthening your spine substantially. Lie on your stomach on a mat and place your forearms on either side of your palms and head facing the ground. Now, take a deep breathe in and, with the support of your forearms on the floor, lift your upper body up from the chest. Let your elbow touch the ground. Stay in this sphinx pose for about 30 seconds and continue to breathe deeply. Breathe out and get back to the starting pose. Repeat sphinx pose for a few more times and you will soon get good relief from the symptoms of prolapsed lumbar disc.

Did you perform any exercises to alleviate the troubles resulting due to the lumbar disc prolapsed? Which exercises did you find most effective to mitigate the pain and trouble? Share your exercises with other people suffering from this condition by leaving a comment below.

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