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physiotherapy in patna

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what is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a manual therapy done by trained and certified therapists on individuals who are injured or disabled. The treatment procedure involves movements like exercise, manual therapies, advice sessions and effective awareness programmes. Most of the time, the thought of visiting a physiotherapist does not cross our minds as we take things for granted. But it is advisable to visit a therapist when pain is unbearable or prolongs—Physiotherapy aids in promoting, restoring and maintaining health.

The goal of Portea is to provide treatment that has no side effects and is suitable for all age groups. The root cause is continuously analysed, and then the corresponding physical and rehabilitation treatment is rendered.  We take pride in offering motor skill therapy for kids and improve the balance, strength, flexibility of senior citizens. People widely use our physiotherapy programme to recover from arthritis and osteoporosis. 

physiotherapy in patna with portea

Receive the best Physiotherapy in Patna with home services to reduce pain, stay active, prevent injury, become more robust, increase flexibility, improve mobility, develop freedom of movement and breathe with ease.

top physiotherapist in patna available with portea

Portea provides the Best Physiotherapy in Patna with a tie-up with a few of the best physiotherapists. They have vast experience and comprehensive knowledge in the field of physiotherapy. These physiotherapists have devoted their entire life serving the needy, and a few of the most renowned ones are also available 24/7 for all their patients.

what are the different types of physiotherapy we provide at portea in patna?

There are different kinds of physiotherapy treatments that are offered in every Physiotherapy clinic in Patna. Portea takes care to maintain the standards high in all its linked centres and offers world-class treatment plans. A few of the physiotherapy procedures are:

  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy treats conditions that affect joints, tissues and muscles. 
  • Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy clears lung secretions, improves lung health and aids with proper breathing. 
  • Neurological Physiotherapy aims at all neurological conditions.
  • Geriatric Physiotherapy is for the elderly to treat conditions like osteoporosis, cancer, arthritis, balance disorders and joint replacement. 
  • Physiotherapy for Women’s Health 
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy 
  • Sports Physiotherapy 
  • Cancer, Lymphedema and Palliative Care 

how to get physiotherapy at home in patna?

To receive the best physiotherapy treatment with the top physiotherapist in Patna, you need not stress much. Just log into our Portea site and click the near me option. It will provide you with the nearest accessible location to receive the best treatment. Fix an appointment immediately with a time slot as per your convenience on the desired date. 

You will have the liberty to choose the physiotherapist, and take some of your valuable time to opt for the most experienced person who can treat problems like a slipped disc, spine injury, ligament tear, etc.

what is the physiotherapy cost in patna?

Physiotherapy is not a very expensive medical treatment, and its cost in Patna is subjected to change from one individual to another. It varies depending on their health condition, the type of physiotherapy treatment they take up, number of sessions, duration, etc. The best physiotherapy clinic in Patna provides premium treatment plans with excellent facilities to aid them. Portea has a team of skilled physiotherapists who charge nominally on average for each introductory physiotherapy session. There are also at home physiotherapy services included in every package. Interested patients can opt for them, and they are also not very high in cost compared to various other physiotherapy treatments in India. 

physiotherapy services in patna’s various location

Portea has become a reliable platform for offering physiotherapy services as they are associated with only highly professional and certified therapists who are well experienced. The locations in Patna that offer Portea’s physiotherapy services are:

  • Physiotherapy in Kankarbagh
  • Physiotherapy in Sri Krishnapuri

The Physiotherapist in Kankarbagh Patna is known to treat various health conditions quickly with complete recovery to any underlying problem. 

what should you expect from portea’s physiotherapy in patna?

Any physiotherapy treatment in Patna through Portea is done very efficiently with the top most physiotherapist in Patna. The primary assessment for posture and biomechanics is done as a routine procedure both online and in a physiotherapy centre in Patna. With a specified set of strength tests, the health of the individual is thoroughly analysed, and the root cause of the problem is treated. With a proper exercise plan over time, the outcomes prove the efficacy of the physiotherapy treatment. A patient can make way for the in-house treatment plan with the physiotherapist in Patna near me option on our site. The benefits of getting physiotherapy at home in Patna are:

  • There is a guaranteed connection between you and your therapist, and this speeds the recovery process tremendously. 
  • The physiotherapists tend to work as per your designated schedule by utilising the entire time frame at home. 
  • A female physiotherapist in Patna is an option for female patients seeking only a female therapist.


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Mr. Mahesh

I had a serious L4 & L5 disc prolapse when I sought Portea’s physiotherapy. Thanks a lot to Dr. Amitava and Portea for their prompt service. Keep up the good work.

I am very happy to share my feedback regarding the excellent treatment I got. My Physiotherapist Dr. Babita Gurung was extremely helpful in getting back to me normal. She was very clear in her instructions and guides me well for each and every treatment she gives. She was absolutely wonderful and very active while discussing the problem and it’s remedy. She gives full attention and time to the patient and never in hurry to attend more patients by bypassing the under-treatment patients. Worth recommending to friends. Thank you all so much for your excellent care. I am feeling so much better now than when I started my PT. Your professionalism, concern and friendliness were much appreciated.

I think it was the most professional yet personal therapy I have had so far in the last 3 years since I first had the back problems. Dr. Fateh is a polite, good-natured and compassionate gentleman, who is extremely competent at his work and displayed great consistency throughout the sessions, even towards the end without slacking away time or hurrying up through the final sessions like most other Physiotherapists, as I have experienced before. He in fact ensured that he put a little more extra efforts towards the end to ensure that my back remains strong post the sessions.