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Portea offers the services of some of the best physiotherapists in Hyderabad having a wealth of expertise and experience in varied physiotherapy techniques and types to help people recuperate and recover from their pain. Few of the distinguished physiotherapists in Hyderabad associated with Portea’s home healthcare are

  • Dr.Ganta Aravind – BPT – with 7 years of experience
  • Dr. Rakesh kadom – BPT – with 4 years of experience among others.

what is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy dates back to 460 BC. Since then physiotherapy has evolved a lot and proved effective in a number of pediatric, pulmonary diseases and neurological disorders. It is now being considered as one of the most effective treatment methods to treat disability, illness, and injury. It minimizes the dysfunction and the pain. Get Physiotherapy Treatment in Hyderabad to treat areas including neurology, musculoskeletal, Rheumatology, Orthopedics, respiratory, and injuries. If you are new to Hyderabad, then search Physiotherapy near me to find out the best Physiotherapists.

what are the benefit of physiotherapy at home in hyderabad?

Physiotherapy at home in Hyderabad offers people suffering from various kind of health issues the opportunity to consult the best physiotherapists in Hyderabad and recover from those annoying frozen shoulders, neck pain, back pain and various other health problems that too sitting at home.  

Not only do you not have to bear the hassle of commuting to the physio clinic/hospital but, you also get to choose the timing and day of the physio visit. So, instead of you following the physiotherapist schedule, Portea’s physiotherapist in Hyderabad visit you at your convenience.

A major benefit of home physiotherapy Hyderabad is that you can be assured of a much personal attention by the physiotherapist as against a clinic visit. The physiotherapist would be much better able to understand your condition and also have a look at your home surroundings that could be one of the reasons behind your shoulder or neck pain and suggest any changes needed like – the way a person works in the kitchen or sits in the couch, along with devising a personalised treatment plan.

Home physiotherapy in Hyderabad also holds financial benefit since, it is much more cost effective than regular clinic visit. You not only save money on travelling but are also saved of the unnecessary hassle of travelling and probably exaggerating the pain.

what can i expect from physiotherapy in hyderabad?

The first physiotherapy appointment begins with a thorough physical examination that includes postural, biomechanical assessment and strength tests to ascertain the prime cause behind that pain and niggle. Portea’s physiotherapists also encourage people to talk in detail about their health problem and help them set up a rehabilitation goal.

After the making the diagnosis and setting up of a rehabilitation goal the physiotherapist draws up a treatment plan, keeping in consideration the person’s lifestyle to offer a more holistic treatment plan that works smoothly for the person.

what are the different physiotherapy techniques we provide?

Portea’s physiotherapists in Hyderabad are certified and are quite adept at various kind of physiotherapy treatment to help people recover and reclaim a fuller life. The varied types of physiotherapy you can avail from Portea’s Physiotherapy service at Hyderabad include;

Manual Manipulation:

This technique involves gentle movement of joints and soft tissues to help improve blood circulation in the local area; drain fluid from the body and relax tight muscles or muscle spasms to provide pain relief.

Electrical nerve stimulation:

In this technique, small electrical currents are delivered to the affected area to suppress and block pain signals to the brain thereby offering pain relief. Portea’s highly qualified physiotherapist are well experience to perform this technique safely and successfully.


This technique too involves a qualified and trained pair of hands to insert needles carefully in the patient’s body to stimulate the nervous system and dull the pain. With Portea’s well experienced physiotherapists in Bangalore you can be guaranteed of a safe and pain free experience.

what are the different types of physiotherapy we provide?

how to get physiotherapy at home in hyderabad?

If you too are bogged by daily pains and niggles, don’t keep suffering and simply give us a call to have a well experienced physiotherapist come visit you and help you reclaim your life back. You can also reach out to us on our website. If you still can’t find us simply type ‘physio near me’ and find us on Google and let our world class healthcare services help you recover from your varied mobility and other health difficulties.

what is the cost of physiotherapy in hyderabad?

There are no fixed charges of physiotherapy treatment since, the charges are calculated based on varied factors like the duration of the physio treatment, the technique employed and the criticality of the problem. Nevertheless, physio treatment are quite inexpensive and affordable. Even the Physiotherapy at home Hyderabad charges are pretty affordable and cost effective.

portea’s physiotherapy services in hyderabad

Portea’s home physiotherapy services in Hyderabad are synonymous with reliability, accountability, accessibility and also affordability. With so many virtues attached, Portea has slowly become the most sought after home healthcare service provider including home physiotherapy services, which is second best to none. When you opt for Portea’s home physiotherapy Hyderabad, you can be assured of getting one of  the best home physiotherapy service in Hyderabad.

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